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Home Loan for Gram Panchayat property in Dombivili 

“A dream home in Gandhi Nagar Dombivli, which comes under the municipal area, costs around Rs 8,000 per sq ft, while it is possible to find a decent home in PNT Colony Dombivili, which is under the gram panchayat limit for Rs 5,000 per sq ft. Both areas are a mere 100 metres apart from each other,” “Properties which comes under  gram panchayats can be a very attractive opportunity. The initial investment is quite low, while its growth potential can be very high, as the chances of locality may be included within municipal area in the coming future.

Gram Panchayat Home Loan in Dombivili Area

However, when the gram panchayat property gets included in the city (municipality) limits, the quality of facilities starts improving rapidly and the property prices increase steeply. “Gandhi Nagar was under gram panchayat. Builders realised its potential and built high quality homes at low rates. After a large number of people started living here, the area was included into the municipal limits,”

“There need not be any one against purchasing home in a gram panchayat location, but more caution has to be taken” “home buyers should verify that the developer has a clear title of plot and that there is no legal issues related to acquisition of such land for development

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Gram Panchayat Home Loan Dombivili

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